Value Proposition

The Burden of Chargebacks

This graphic explains the Autoback Value Proposition offered to any merchant who receives a chargeback. Merchant tasks in this regard are in “Your Goals” which aims at producing “Gains” but also cause you “Pains”. Click (or hover) on any note for further color. The same goes for what Autoback does. Our “Autoback Tasks” amplify the “Gains” you seek and extinguish the “Pains” you incur in the process.

Your Goals

Take control of chargebacks Manual self-representation in card brand request management take control of chargebacks. Maximize post tax profit Maximizing the firm’s post tax profitability through recovery of unnecessary sales tax. Organize and Manage Request Data Manually collect, organize and manage card brand request data from card brands. Measure card brand requests and responses Measure performance of card brand request and response management over time. Identify business decision Identify different chargebacks and retrieval trends for making useful business decisions. Hire, train and maintain staff Hire, train and maintain staff responsible for managing card brand request overhead. Scale staff requirements Scale staff requirements to company size and transaction volume for adequate chargeback management.


Recapture the bottom line Maximum recapture of sales diverted away from the firm by illegitimate chargeback claims. Find lost tax revenue Recapture earnings from unnecessarily paid sales tax on legitimate chargeback sales. Identify chargeback risks Understand trending patterns of chargeback burden in order to minimize and mitigate them. Maintain and improve relationships with banks Maintain and improve relationships with all payments service providers via valuable data.


Multiple log ins which time-out Multiple card brand log ins which time-out and are not intuitive to handle. Too many rules Interpreting the chargeback management within each individual card brands set of rules. Time pressure is increasing Self-representing to each card brand within the time allowed, going down to 10 days. Many changing rules Keeping abreast of the changing rules landscape for all card brands. Managing the volumes Managing this process in the volumes that are now prevalent. Core business focus Managing this process in a cost-efficient manner, focus efforts on core business. Tax payment losses Representing the firm to all 50 tax authorities to return sales tax on valid chargebacks. Staying ahead of fraud Lacking comprehensive fraud screen filters it is hard to limit growing payment fraud. Managing relations with card brands Lacking a comprehensive data engine, finding meaningful statistics on card brand is difficult. Hire, train and maintain in-house staff Hard to hire, train and maintain in-house staff responsible for argeback management.

Outsourced to Autoback

Autoback Tasks

Representment assets in one location Software that collects chargebacks, matches claims and represents the proof of valid charge. Recover lost sales taxes Sales tax recovery service on legitimate chargeback claims. Manage your chargeback risk Chargeback analysis – reporting and notifications to manage your chargeback risk. Reject chronic chargebackers Scoring profiles from negative data information. Reject chronic chargebacks. Produce meaningful data & mitigating customer fraud Produce meaningful data that identifies successful efforts made towards mitigating customer fraud.

Amplify Gains

Stay ahead of ever-changing rules The comprehensive and always current rules engine works without pause and without error. Omni-channel chargeback solution The Autoback engine is capable of handling all manner of chargebacks and is sales channels agnostic. Better utilization of Human Resources Staff are redeployed to mission critical core business goals of serving customers. Information is power The CFO report shows the historic processing for easy internal management and accountability. Lost the chargeback; win back the taxes The STRS system goes to bat for the merchant to collect back sales tax paid on truly valid chargebacks. Our data improves service provider relationships The Autoback data builds, maintains, and improves service provider relationships.

Shrink Pains?

Manage chargebacks with one login We collect all the chargeback requests onto one dashboard. Convenient, neat, easy! Hands-free rules updates The engine makes no human error mistakes! On top of chargebacks 24/7 The engine works tirelessly to handle the volume of chargebacks, always on time. Simplify your chargeback solution No more need to employ highly trained, detail oriented, supervised teams. Recover taxes? Experts not required! Outsourcing to us unburdens the organization from the task of claiming tax back nationwide. Unmask chronic fraudsters Fraud screening happens automatically as Autoback builds its own negative database. Autoback organizes and measures card brand request performance Autoback’s engine is designed to organize and measure data against different data landscapes.

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